Our company is a family business that was founded in 1996 with the aim of creating artistic, sophisticated and unique glass objects that are available for everyone.

Our goal is to make it available to everyone, the luxury of having a unique art work in their homes which pulls them out of the greyness of everyday life and adds a bit of colour, cheerfulness and freshness to it.

During the creation, the necessary technological and machine design is done by the engineer/owner/head of the family; his industrial artist daughter raises it to artistic level with carefully designed visual elements.

Ócsag Zsolt Ócsag Zizi
Zsolt Ócsag Zizi Ócsag

All of our objects are unique, hand-made, which is a very big job, care is required. Imagine that every item must be handled and the various phases of work carried out on a minimum of eight times. Our hours, vases, flowers and all our CARNEOL products are made with great love and care and checked everything down to the smallest detail.

To forming the glass articles a special porcelain template is necessary. To have truly unique items we also carrying out the design and development ourselves, so from year to year more and more beautiful stuff can we create. The creative desire does not leave us rest, so we find out new things every year, from the tiny glass flowers to the washbasins almost anything can be found in our supply.

With our products we regularly participate in interior design exhibitions – Maison Object-Paris, Ambiente-Frankfurt, Design Show-Tokyo, International Gift Show-Hong Kong – where we get direct feedbacks from our purchasers and resellers.

Our glass items are available in more than 20 countries, from New Zealand throughout Tokyo, in several European and American cities, in large and small interior design shops and design stores.

Our manufactory operates in Hungary in a small city near Budapest, in Dunakeszi.

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