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We hereby inform you, that by using www.carneoldesign.com Webshop you accept the terms and conditions stated here. We ask you to only use the Webshop if you have familiarised yourself with the terms and conditions and have agreed to them in their entirety.

Carneol Ltd. (henceforth referred to as the Operator) can change the terms of this GTC, the array of purchasable products, purchase prices, deadlines etc at will. The change is effective from the date of appearence in the Webshop. Any customer who does not agree to the change in the General Terms and Conditions has to forego purchase. The changes do not affect already existing contracts (confirmed orders).

1. General Terms

1.1. The Webshop is operated by Carneol Ltd. (henceforth referred to as the Operator

1.2. The company data and contacts of the Operator are the following:

  • Name of the company: Carneol glass studio Limited, abbreviated: Carneol Ltd
  • Head office post address and customer service: 2120 Dunakeszi, Repülőtéri út 1 on workdays: 9am to 2 pm
  • Contact: office@carneol.hu telephone number: 06 70 6327504
  • Principal office: 2120 Dunakeszi Repülőtéri út 1
  • Trade Registry No:12309454-2-13
  • Court in charge of recording:
  • Year of incorporation: 1996
  • Tax registration number:12309454-2-13
  • Bank account number:10918001-00000016-46510014
  • Data protection number: 1232/2013/B, illetve NAIH-106546/2016.
  • Language of contract: Hungarian, not filed by the Operator
  • Website hosted by: www.naplopok.hu

1.3. By visiting, registrating and by purchasing ont he Webshop (by any of the actions listed here) a contract is made between the Operator and the user of the Webshop according to the terms of this GTC. You, as the user of the Webshop, are obligated to accept the terms of this GTC. If you do not accept any of the terms of this GTC you cannot use the website and cannot make purchases in the Webshop.

1.4. Using the Webshop and providing data to access the services offered in the Webshop, is voluntarily, the Operator may use this data to the extent, which is required to provide sufficient service, the Operator only uses this data per the terms described in the Data Handling Statement.

1.5. The Operator of this Webshop may change the terms of this GTC, the array of purchasable products, purchase prices, deadlines etc at will. The Operator’s responsibility to sell a certain product for a certain price exists until the product’s price has been changed, and the change appeared in the Webshop. The change is effective from the time the change has appeared in the webshop. Any customer who does not agree with the change has to forego purchase. The changes do not apply to already existing contracts.

2. Method of Purchase, Creation of a Sale and Purchase Contract

2.1. By visiting the Website, a legal contractual relationship is created between the Seller and the customer-user, when a purchase has been made a contract-to-sell (sale and purchase contract) is also made between the customer-user and the Seller, to which legal relationship the terms of the order, the confirmation and of this GTC, all apply. The Webshop is obligated to confirm the order within one workday, in the absence of this the customer’s validity to offer no longer stands.

2.2. The customer accepts the terms of the sale and purchase contract by sending the order. The contract is created according to these points below, after the order has been filled out and the data contained therein have been proven to be valid:

2.2.1. In case of delivery:

The Seller sends an e-mail to the Buyer, containing a prospectus and information about whether the package has been handed off to a delivery service, about the expected time of delivery or pick-up. (This is not the Webshop’s automatic confirmation e-mail, that only informs the customer about whether the order has reached the Webshop.)

2.2.2. In case of personal receipt: Dunakeszi, 2120 Repülőtéri út 1.

The Seller sends an e-mail to the Customer containing information about opportunities to pick up the product personally and about the opening hours of the service centre. (This is not the Webshop’s automatic confirmation e-mail either, that only informs the customer about whether the Webshop received the order.)

The above dissemination is created via e-mails between the user (as the Buyer) and Carneol Ltd (as Seller or Supplier) per the 45/2014. (II. 26.) government regulation about ‘contracts between absentees’.

2.3. The orders are automatically stored in electronic form by the Webshop, the customer may look at these later. The Parties agree to that the contract made via the Webshop via placing the order is considered concluded per the 2001. CVII. law’s regulations about electronic trade service and about certain questions pertaining to informational society, the contract is written in Hungarian and Hunagary’s laws apply to it. The terms of this GTC apply to the contract. In case a question is brought up about the order the Seller sends a copy, knowing the order’s number, in electronic form.

2.4. With special regard to the fact that the contract is deemed to be a written contract, the Parties agree to that, the communication between the Seller and the Customer’s e-mail address, provided upon registration, or among the order’s data, is deemed to be written communication.

2.5. The confirmation through the e-mail, pertaining to the order, between the Operator and the user is deemed to be part of a formed contract, and sending it via e-mail is deemed to be sufficient according to the condition of ‘written consent’ per the 45/2014. (II. 26.) government regulation 18. §. Please read this document and keep it. In case you have a question contact our customer service.

2.6. The submission of orders is possible through the Webshop’s online interface and through telephone. The Operator can only receive and fulfil the orders placed in the Webshop, if the customer fills out the gaps completely on the registration and purchase page. In case of damages and technical difficulties, caused by not complying with this, coming up the Webshop has no liability. The upcoming extra costs in delivery or regarding anything else, because of not filling out the addresses and other data, information entirely or not filling them out correctly, are to be paid by the customer.

2.7. Opportunities to correct incorrectly given data: you have an opportunity to correct data, which you have given incorrectly, at the end of the purchase process, after selecting the method of payment, before pressing the ‘Order’ button. To correct data you have to select the ‘Edit’ button, or you have to return to the previous step you wish to correct through the progress diagram on the top of the page. The data given upon registration and the password can be changed at any time after signing in in the ‘My Data’ menu item. The contents of the ‘Shopping Cart’ can be checked, changed or deleted at any time. If you notice incorrectly given data after sending the order you have to indicate this without delay on the officel@carneol.hu e-mail address.

2.8. It is important to give telephone contacts precisely, because on many occasions the Webshop negiotates on telephone before delivery, and/or sends a text message. In case of incompletely given contact data the Seller does not fulfil the order.

2.9. To put the selected product, found during browsing the Webshop, which you wish to buy, into the virtual shopping cart, you have to go to the product’s own page and select the ‘Put in shopping cart’ function. To begin the actual process of placing an order, after selecting the products, click on the ‘Checkout’ button, then, after giving a delivery address, selecting the method of delivery and payment, finalise and send your order.

2.10. Take into consideration, that, the Webshop’s system considers every finalised order as a separate order, so the orders placed right after each other, to the same customer and to the same address, are delivered in separate packages, in which case a delivery fee is charged for every order. If you already placed your order, but you want to expand your package with a new product, you have to contact customer service without delay, so, depending upon the status of the order, meaning before the package has been handed off to the delivery service, the order can be still changed.

2.11. Before making the first purchase in the Webshop, it is not necessary to registrate, the purchase can be started without registration. Registrated customers, in case of orders placed at a later time, have to sign into their already existing account. Registration makes later purchases and using occasional coupons easier.

2.12. The prices appearing on the website are gross prices increased with VAT, except, when the VAT appears separately. The gross prices contain the determined deal of VAT, which has been applied to the product category in question, according to the legal regulations in effect at the time of purchase. The prices appearing in the Webshop are in effect until withdrawal or change. Pictures of products and supply information are only there to provide information and can be different from reality. Because of the fast changes in store stock, it can happen in exceptional cases, that certain products appear to be ‘in stock’, but they are not. For these mistakes the Webshop takes no responsibility, after noticing the error the Webshop will inform the customer.

2.13. The Seller is obligated, per the terms of this GTC and of the order’s confirmation, to send the ordered product to the delivery address given when the order was placed.

2.14. The user can pick up the product on the address given upon order, and at the time of delivery, or before that, can pay the purchase price of the product and the incidental costs (for example delivery fees, fees of cash-handling) according to the terms and conditions of this GTC.

2.15. Methods of Payment

2.15.1. The customer can pay the products’ purchase price and other occasional incidental costs (which are always displayed upon placing an order) by prior bank transfer, by secure Internet credit card or by PayPal, the customer can pay with cash or credit card in the customer service office, or can pay the courier with cash or credit card (collect on delivery). In case of COD the Webshop may charge cash handling fees, about which it informs the customer upon plaing an order on the website.

2.15.2. The Webshop on certain occasions or in certain periods of time, selected by the Webshop, offers discounts in the form of coupons. In case of coupon discounts, the payment of the product’s purchase price is possible in its entirety or in part on the Internet interface by providing the coupon’s data. The coupon’s code has to be filled into the appropriate gap, within its validity period and according to the terms of use, in the ‘Checkout’ function. For one order only one coupon can be used, multiple coupons may not be used together. Other details of the terms of use of the coupons are contained within the current coupon-discount’s terms.

2.16. Ways to pick up

2.16.1. The Seller may send the ordered product, according to the customer’s wishes, by utilizing a delivery service, to the given address or receipt location, and there are also opportunities to receive the products personally at the Seller’s customer service.

2.16.2. In case of delivering via delivery service, provided the selected product(s) are in stock, the customer may choose a delivery date upon placing an order. In other cases, the customer will be informed about the delivery date via phone or e-mail.

2.16.3. In case of delivering to the receipt location the Webshop delivers the package to a so-called Pick Pack Point or other receipt point. After delivery, the customer is notified via e-mail and text messages, after which the package may be received on the selected receipt location in the three following workdays.

2.16.4. If the customer selected the personal receipt option, the customer is notified via e-mail and text message, after which the package may be picked up in the three following workdays on the customer service. The Webshop only stores the already ordered (therefore allocated) products, that are in stock, or the products, which arrived after purchasing, up to three workdays. The Webshop cannot offer to store the ordered products for more than three workdays, or to therefore deliver them later, or to make them available for personal receipt later. The notification contains the opening hours of customer service.

2.16.5. The Webshop can usually fulfil the order within three to ten workdays, provided the certain product is in stock. The Webshop aims to deliver within this deadline, but takes no responsibility if the above, usual deadline cannot be kept. In case of inadvertent delay, the Webshop tries to, but is not obligated to, notify the customer.

2.17. The buyer is obligated to check the number of products’ and wether the package is undamaged and to sign the acknowledgement of receipt upon delivery or personal pick-up. In case damaged packaging, the fault must be recorded in a transcript on the location. It is advised to check wether the product is damaged upon delivery, and in case of missing items or damaged products to record the absence or mistake in a transcript. The customer may only pick up the undamaged package on their own responsibility. In the absence of a recorded transcript, there are limited oppurtunities for the customer to practice their right of cancellation according to the contract made between the absentees, or to enforce claims of shortage of quantity, or of warranty. Complaints about quantity or about damage can only be accepted without qualms, if there is video evidence about the unpackaging of the package, where it can be seen clearly, in good quality, that the package was not unpackaged upon the start of the video (every side of the package can be seen), and the video shows, without cuts, every content of the package.

2.18. When during the process of delivery, the receipt is unsuccessful, the delivery service shall leave a notification about this fact and try, at most, on one more occasion to deliver the package. Delivery is conducted on workdays between 8 am and 5 pm. The customer is obligated to give a delivery address and telephone number, where he/she can be reached within this period. Outside of the delivery terms and regulations described hre, certain orders in the Webshop may be different, regarding delivery conditions, costs and discounts. You can read the detailed conditions of delivery here: www.carneoldesign.com/shipping-information

3. Guarantee

3.1. In case of guarantee, during its period of guarantee, the Service Provider is obligated to provide guarantee for the faulty fulfilment/performance, according to the terms of the legal statement, or according to the terms of the law, which created the guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to the User’s rights originating from the law (for example rights pertaining to the warranty of defects). The Service Provider is released from guarantee obligations, if the Service Provider can prove that the cause of the fault was created after fulfilment.

3.2. Guarantee applies to new products with prolonged shelf-life, which have been sold within the boundaries of a contract made with a Consumer, according to the 151/2003 (IX. 22.) government regulation’s number 1 amendment, which lists the affected products, the period of this guarantee is one year. The guarantee claim may be enforced within the guarantee period; the deadline is the statute of limitation.

4. Warranty for Defects4.1. The Service Provider gives a faulty performance, if the service, on the date of fulfilment, is not sufficient according to the terms about quality of the law or of the contract.

The Service Provider does not give a faulty performane, if the User knew about the fault, when the contract was made, or if he/she had to know about the fault, when the contract was made.

4.2. The Service provider has to provide warranty for faulty performance. The limitation for the Consumer’s claim of warranty for defects is within two years after the date of fulfilment, for other Users, not deemed to be consumers, the limitation for warranyt for defects is within one year from the date of fulfilment. If the matter of the contract made with the User is a used item, the limitation is one year. The User can enforce their rights of warranty for defect against a demand coming from the same contract as an excuse, even if the limitation has been reached.

4.3. Per the warranty claim, according to the User’s choice, the User:

    1. firstly, can demand repair or replacement, except if
      1. the selected warranty for defects right is unfulfillable or
      2. it would cause the Service Provider, in comparison to other fulfilling other warranty claims, undue extra costs, taking into

i. the faultless value of the service,

ii. the severity of the breach of contract,

iii. the harm done to the entitled’s interests;

  1. secondly, can ask for the due decrease of consideration, the Service Provider can repair the fault at its own costs and expenses, or can let someone else repair it, or can cancel the contract, except in the case of a trivial fault, if
    1. the service Provider did not undertake the repeir or replacement of the service or product,
    2. cannot fulfil its obligation of replacement to the User within the appropriate deadline, while also taking the User’s interests into consideration,
    3. the User’s interest pertaining to repair and replacement has ceased to exist.

4.4. The User can release his/her right from the selected warranty and switch to another. The costs associated with the switch are to be paid to the Service Provider by the User, except if the reason for this was caused by the Service provider, or it was otherwise justified.

4.5. After discovering the fault the User is obligated to inform the Service Provider about it without delay. In the case of a Consumer within two months of discovering the fault and reporting it, it must be viewed without delay as reported. The User is responsible for the costs assosciated with delaying the report.

4.6. The costs associated with fulfilling warranty obligations are to be payed by the Service provider. However, if in the creation of the problem the User’s disregard for maintenance also played a part, then the User is obligated to bear the costs associated with the fulfilment of the warranty obligations in proportion to the effect it had on the creation of the defect, however only if the User possessed the knowledge to do the maintenance, or if the Service Provider fulfilled his/her obligations in regards to informing the User about maintanence.

5. Product Warranty

5.1. The terms included in this point only apply to consumer contracts.

5.2. In case the product sold by the Service provider to the Consumer, is faulty, the Consumer may demand, that the manufacturer (the producer and the distributor of the product is deemed to be the manufacturer) to repair the product’s fault, or, if the repair is not possible within the appropriate deadline, without harming the User’s interests, replace the product. Product warranty is in effect from the day of distribution for two years. The end of the deadline is the statute of limitations.

5.3. A product is deemed to be faulty, if it does not meet the effective quality requirements of the starting date of distribution by the manufacturer, or does not possess the features described in the description given by the manufacturer.

5.4. The manufacturer escapes liability for defect, if he/she can prove, that

  • he/she did not manufecture or distribute the product as a business activity or as sole trading;
  • at the time of distribution, the defect of the product could not have been discovered according to the current standing of science;
  • the defect of the product was caused by adhering to the law or to obligatory authority requirements.

5.5. In case of replacement, the manufacturer has a warranty obligation for the replaced product, in case of repair, the manufacturer has a warranty obligation for the repaired part of the product.

The consumer is obligated to inform the manufacturer about the defect after discovering it without delay. Defects reported within two months after discovering them, have to be considered reported without delay. The Consumer is responsible for costs originating from delaying the report.

6. Right of Cancellation

6.1. The customers of the Webshop, as they are deemed to be consumers, are entitled to the right of cancellation according to the 45/2014 (II. 26.) government regulation concerning contracts made between absentees, which can be enforced within 14 calendar days after receiving the product.

6.2. The consumer is entitled to the right of cancellation even between the day of making the contract and receiving the product.

6.3. The Consumer cannot enforce their right of cancellation or their right of termination in regards to the products sold by the Service Provider or the services given by the Service Provider, in the following cases below:

  • if there was contract about the service, detailing that after the service has been fulfilled in its entirety, and if the Service Provider began the fulfilment of the service with the full, expressed consent of the Consumer, and the Consumer was aware, that he/she would lose their right of cancellation after the fulfilment of the service;
  • in case products or services, whose prices or fees depend on the fluctuation of the market, even within the fourteen-day cancellation deadline, and on which the Service Provider has no influence;
  • in case of non-pre-manufectured products, which have been made by the Service Provider upon the expressed request or instruction of the Consumer, or in case of products, which have been made sepicifically with the Consumer in mind;
  • in case of perishable products and products, which have a short shelf life;
  • in case of products, which have closed packaging, which cannot be sent back after delivery, because of health or hygienic, sanitary reasons or;
  • in case of a product, which, because of its quality, unseparable mingles with other products after hand-off.

More information about this: www.nfh.hu/node/2709

In case of products, to which the above terms do not apply, the customer can enforce their right of cancellation without specifying a reason, after fourteen (14) days of making the contract and receiving the product (if the product has not been received yet, the fourteen days are counted from the day of making the contract). Written cancellations are deemed to be valid, if the customer sends the cancellation statement before the end of the deadline.

6.4. In case of cancellation, the customer is obligated to get the product, either packaged or unpackaged, back to the Webshop, within fourteen days of notifying the Webshop of the cancellation. The deadline is deemed to be kept, if the customer proves, that the product was mailed or handed off to a delivery service until the last day of the deadline. The Webshop does not take back products purchased with COD.

6.5. The Webshop is only obligated to refund the whole purchase price of the product being taken back to the customer, if the product is undamaged, has been used according to its present function and was bought for trial. The Webshop may demand the reimbursement of the damages caused by usage, not in accordance with the product’s present function, from the consumer.

6.6. The customer may express their cancellation via e-mail, mail (in written form), in person, or through phonecalls. The customer may express their intent to cancel with the statement sample in the Government regulation’s attachment.

6.7. Cancellations based upon this law are not required to be justified.

6.8. In case of cancellation, the Customer is charged with the costs of sending the product back. The Customer is not charged with any other additional costs.

6.9. If the Consumer cancels the contract, we transfer the purchase price of the product to the bank account given by the customer without delay, but at the latest, within fourteen days of receiving the Consumer’s cancellation demand. The refund also applies to the delivery fees to the consumer, except, if another product was delivered with the product in question, in regards to which the customer did not wish to enforce their right of cancellation, except, if the consumer did not request the least costly, unususal method of delivery, in this case the Webshop is not obligated to refund the extra costs. However, our Webshop reserves the right not to refund until we get back the product, or until the Customer proves, that he/she has sent it back: in this case our Webshop uses the earlier of the two dates.

6.10. Costs associated with sending back the product to the Webshop are to be paid by the customer. If the customer does not enforce and express their right of cancellation per the terms of this GTC and in accordance with the effective laws, the Webshop does not refund the purchase price, however, after prior negotiations, there is a way to send back the product to the consumer. The costs associated with the repeated delivery are to be paid by the customer.

6.11. The right of cancellation applies to consumers. Webáruház a nagykereskedelmi és a viszonteladói partnereivel külön megállapodás keretében szabályozza a visszáruzási lehetőséget.

6.12. In case you have questions regarding the enforcement of the right of cancellation, contact our customer service for more information, using our contact information at the beginning of this GTC. You can read the 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government regulation regarding the enforcement of the right of cancellation, here: http://net.jogtar.hu/jr/gen/hjegy_doc.cgi?docid=A1400045.KOR

6.13. The Consumer can, in order to cancel, or to enforce their right of cancellation, use the cancellation statement sample attached to this GTC, which is available through the following link:

7. Limitations of Responsibility

7.1. We assume that by shopping in the Webshop, the customer knows about the opportunities possible on the Internet and limitations associated with it, and also accepts them, taking into special consideration: technical performance and possible errors.

7.2. The Webshop assumes no responsibility in any way for the following points, listed below, no matter why they happened:

  • Data sent or received on the Internet not arriving, changing unexpectedly.
  • Any technical error in the Internet network, which would prevent the seamless working of the webshop and purchasing.
  • Any error ord defect in any of the receiving devices of the communication lines.
  • Losing any not registered mail or mail not sent in recorded delivery form, no matter, whether it was sent in written or in electronic form, but especially losing any sort of data.
  • Not satisfactory work performed by any of our softwares.
  • Any sort of program error, consequences of any unexpected occurences or technical errors.

7.3. The Webshop takes no resőonsibility for direct or indirect damages in any way, which occurred because of connecting to the Webshop or visiting the Webshop.

7.4.  The consumer takes full and unlimited responsibility for damages arising, because of disclosing another person’s personal datato the Webshop. In this case the operator complies entirely with the wishes of the authorities to identify the person violating the law.

7.5. The open communication channels of the Webshop (for example product descriptions) every user can use only at their own risk. The Webshop is not automatically moderated, however if we (the operator) are notified or otherwise imformed of contents violating the law or interests, the operator has the right remove any content temporarily or permanently without specifying a reason. In case of repeated or severe offenses the operator has the right to ban the certain user permanently from using the website, this also includes the deletion of their account.

7.6. In case of writing product reviews, the user acknowledges, that the Webshop can delete or display his/her review without his/her consent. By sending the product review the user consents to the display of his/her usename and the the connected product review.

8. Copyright

8.1. The copyright of all content on the Webshop’s website (text, article, product description, prospectus, this GTC etc diagram, picture, any other information and data), in case there are no other dispositions, belongs to the Webshop’s operator, without any time or space limit. It is especially forbidden to use content downloaded from the Webshop for purposes other than shopping in the Webshop, or change, or copy these etc. If the user violates the Webshop’s copyrights or any other rights or breaches this contract, the Webship will use legal actions against the offender. By using the Webshop the user accepts, that the copying of the website’s contents, or using it for purposes other than the ones described here, is still deemed to be a violation of the law (meaning breaching the terms of this GTC), even if these contents would not normally be protected by copyright. The user accepts that after every violation like this he/she is obligated to pay the Operator 50 000 Ft (HUF) for delay damages.

8.2. The Webshop reserves the right to turn to legal action, to go to court or to go to the authorities against any person, who, by using the Webshop (including purchase), violates the law, or attempts to violate the law. The Webshop is not responsible for any legal damages made by third parties against any customer or user.

8.3. In any case of violating the law in connection to the Webshop, or in case any damage is done to the Seller’s interests, the Webshop’s operator has the right to susoend the user’s account immediately and to the delete the user’s personal data and account. The data can still be handled regarding the legal proceedings in connection with the violation of the law, or in connection with the damages done to the Webshop’s interests. The Webshop is not obligated to notify the user about the proceedings above.

8.4. To display the Webshop or any part of the Webshop on another domain for example as an application, as a part of another (your own) website, is only possible with prior written consent.

8.5. Any webpage which displays the Webshop’s link, cannot make it appear so that the Webshop’s operator advises, supports buying or using services or products offered on that certain website. The website which links the Webshop cannot contain false information about the legal connections between the website and the Webshop, or about the Webshop itself. The Website acts against any link directed at itself, which may harm the Webshop’s reputation and interests.

9. Newsletter

9.1. Users may, upon registration or later, subscribe to the Operator’s newsletter while using the website. Subscribing to this newsletter is voluntary. By subscribing, the user expressly agrees to that, the Operator may send informational e-mails and e-mails explicitly containing advertisements to the e-mail address given by the user, in periods determined by the Operator.

9.2. The user may unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time, by using the menu bar, created expressly for this purpose: ‘Subscribe to this newsletter, unsubscribe from this newsletter’. The user may also unsubscribe by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the end of every newsletter.

10. Complaints

10.1. The address, the e-mail address and the telephone number used to place complaints is the same as the Customer service’s of the Webshop.

10.2. The customer may place a complaint in person, on the telephone or in written form at the customer service. It is not deemed to be a complaint, if the customer asks for information or for an opinion about the Webshop.

10.3. The Webshop checks the complaints placed in person and tries to correct anything if necessary. If the customer does not agree with the way the complaint was handled, and if the immediate examination of the complaint is not possible, the Webshop makes a recorded transcription about the complaint and about its position in connection with it without delay, and gives a copy of it to the customer, and proceeds according to point 9.4. The Webshop answers written (including ones sent in electronic form) complaints and complaints voied on telephone within thirty days in written form, as there are no regulations within the law. The Webshop gives the complaints placed this way unique numbers. The Webshop attaches the transcript to the answer. A recorded complaint must contain the name of the complainer, his/her address, a description of the complaint, and other data described in the effective law. The company is obligated to specify a reason if they reject the complaint, and also has to inform the customer about possibilities of remedy.

Az írásbeli (ideértve az elektronikus úton) valamint telefonon tett panaszt a Webáruház – törvény eltérő rendelkezése hiányában – harminc napon belül írásban megválaszolja. Az ilyen módon előterjesztett panaszt a Webáruház egyedi azonosítószámmal látja el. A válaszhoz a Webáruház csatolja a panaszról felvett jegyzőkönyvet is. A rögzített panasznak tartalmaznia kell a panaszos nevét, címét, és a panasz leírását valamint a jogszabályban előírt egyéb adatokat. A panaszt elutasító álláspontját a vállalkozás indokolni köteles, továbbá felhívja a vásárló figyelmét a jogorvoslati lehetőségekre.

10.4. The customer may contact the effective conciliatory department according to the company’s central office:

Pest Megyei Békéltető Testület

  • Address: 1119 Budapest, Etele út 59-61. 2. em. 240. Telephone: (1)-269-0703;
  • Fax number: (1)-269-0703;
  • E-mail address: pmbekelteto@pmkik.hu
  • Website address: www.panaszrendezes.hu

The copy of the reply has to be kept for five years and has to be given over to the authorities if asked for.

10.6. The transcript recorded by the Webshop contains the data required by the 1997. CLV. law about customer protection.

10.7. The European Commission created an online dispute settling platform, which has been available since 15th February 2016 both for consumers and traders, its prurpose is to settle legal consumer disputes between those who made an online sale and purchase or service contract, the European Commission created this platform according to the regulation about settling consumer legal disputes online of 21st May 2013 524/2013/EU (European Parlaiment and Committee), henceforth referred to as the Regulation, and according to the 2006/2004/EP regulation and according to the 2009/22/EP paradigm amendment about the settling of legal disputes online.

The regulation applies directly to traders, who are settled in the EU and are stakeholders in companies, which have their sentral offices in Hungary and are involved in online sale and purchase contracts or service contracts, in case, if there is a consumer legal dispute between him/her and the consumer concerning online sale and purchase contracts or service contracts.

In case the legal dispute breaches borders, the only one qualified to settle your legal dispute with the EU Webshop in Hungary quickly and for free is the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s conciliatory department.

To use the online legal dispute settling platform, you have to registrate previously in the European Comission’s system. You can reach the online dispute settling platform after registration in the European Comission’s system, using the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

After the page loaded, choose your language, sign in and follow the page’s instructions.

If you have more questions about settling legal disputes over country borders, the Budapesti Békéltető Testület can provide you more detailed information.

A Budapesti Békéltető Testület:

  • 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310.
  • Mailing address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.
  • E-mail address: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu, onlinevita@bkik.hu
  • Fax: 06 (1) 488 21 86
  • Phone: 06 (1) 488 21 31

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