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Inspiration. Sometimes colors and lines invite us to another world. All bends and shapes express a feeling and tell us a story, what mean something different to all of us. Although abstract motives are popular today, it might not have a sense or logic for some of us. However, it is neither important nor necessary to find meaning in these motives, just absorb the choices of colors and shapes what small details give us. When we will stop in our busy life for a quiet moment we will understand the meaning of these clocks by not overlooking the small details. These objects can emphasize the importance of small details in our life. The Collection Miro was named after Joan Miró, Spanish artist, who found it important to express feelings and tell stories with colors.

During the design process of Collection Miro we have tried to remind people with its colors and shapes of their own personal feelings. The clocks, bowls and vases are all unique, as every piece is handmade with an extensive knowledge in a manufactory near Budapest, Hungary. Sometimes these products travel several hundred miles to bring joyful moments to people.

TIP: Display the clocks at a sunny part of our home. The reflection of the sun on these clocks will enable us to see them in various colors!

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”
Joan Miró

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