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Mosaic has always been the symbol of how small pieces can bind together as a whole. Unity and cohesion is as important as ever in all parts of our life. Collection Mosaic is built up from different pieces. There are no two pieces which are the same, as the importance of individuality and diversity is represented in these clocks, vases and platters. Collection Mosaic showcase and highlight why human relationships are unique.

During the design process of this collection we have put great care to emphasize individual relationships on our glass objects. The clocks, vases and platters are all uniquely designed by a fine artist and every piece is handmade with extensive knowledge in a manufactory near Budapest, Hungary. Sometimes these products travel several hundred miles to bring joyful moments to people.

TIP: Place this glass object in an area where it will remind you every day not to forget small things in our life, which might seem not that important at the moment, but they form part of the whole.

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