About our technology

From the many glass manufacturing technology we are using the ’fusing’ and the ’casting’ one. This technique requires special furnaces to shape the glass.

A furnace is 200 cm length and 100 cm in width. With the specially trained walls and the heating filaments it can be heated up 950°C. We designed and manufactured the furnaces individually. In our CARNEOL manufactory we have 10 of them and 3 smaller to produce samples.

The essence of this technique is that the starting raw material, the glass of sheet is cleaned and cut to size prior, is put on the porcelain templates in the furnace after lengthy testing.

Technology Technology

In the furnace due to the heat (between 800 to 900 °C) the glass picks up the shape of the template. To reach 800 °C degree it takes about 3 to 4 hours. It depends always on the particular product what temperature the glass requires to take shape.

Technology Technology

After a slow and careful cooling - the cooling to room temperature takes about 12 hours – follows the post production works, during which the edges of the glass objects are smoothed, if necessary, provided with holes. Then we continue to decorate the glass, the final patterns are painted by hand. We are using several layers of paint, often with several hour breaks in between each layer. Every piece is made individually, one at a time.

After painting, the product is returned to the furnace where with lower temperature the surface treatment is done, followed by another cooling phase, then the items are cleaned assembled and packaged.

And voila: you have ready CARNEOL glassware!

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