Size chart

The first number is the width of the product and the second number is the length.

CLOCKS 10x41 cm 3,94x16,14 inch
6x41 cm 2,36x16,14 inch
13x13 cm 5,12x5,12 inch
10x70 cm 3,94x27,56 inch
10x74 cm 3,94x29,13 inch
8x98 cm 3,15x38,58 inch
24x24 cm 9,45x9,45 inch
32 cm 12,6 inch
11x50 cm 4,33x19,69 inch
21x26 cm 4,33x19,69 inch
10x28 cm 3,94x11,02 inch
26x26 cm 10,24x10,24 inch
14x37 cm 5,51x14,57 inch
12x115 cm 4,72x45,28 inch
PLATTERS 15x55 cm 5,91x21,65 inch
9x30 cm 3,54x11,81 inch
10x40 cm 3,94x15,75 inch
VASES 23x28 cm 9,06x11,02 inch
14x36 cm 5,51x14,17 inch
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